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Samsung Z320i

I’ve had a weekend playing with the Z320i, and I can categorically say that it’s my favourite i-mode phone yet.

As I said in my prelimary review (after seeing just the technical specification document) athough the Samsung Z320i does seem to be a less sophisticated version of the S500i, it’s a double edged sword. Although it has fewer ‘advanced’ features, such as a slighly lower resolution screen (although it is almost exactly the same physical size—30mm × 38mm rather than 30mm 40mm) and no memory card slot, it’s indisputably a more user-oriented phone.

It looks better, more friendly, more comfortable in the palm (depite being slightly bigger than the S500i) and more robust; and the sliding opening mechanism is, to mis-quote Steve Jobs, smooth as butter. The user has clearly been considered with the Z320i: The keypad/buttons auto-lock when you close the phone, and auto-unlock when you open it; 3G video calling can be called with the touch of a button.

One of my main complaints about the Samsung S500i was the ugly font used, and thankfully the Z320i seems to have ditched the ugly square font and gone with a much rounder and more pleasant screen typeface. Maybe I’m imagining things, but despite the fact that the i-mode® browser in the Samsung Z320i is exactly the same as the one in the Samsung S500i, it seems to render the pages better. It’s likely because of the screen resolution (the fact that the broswer tends to pack content up against the edges of the screen with only 1 pixel of padding isn’t as bad, as the pixels on the Samsung Z320i are wider than those on the S500i).

Some more features of the Z320 that are worth noting:

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