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Samsung S400i

The first thing that struck me about the Samsung S400i was the packaging. It really is fantastic; a sort of drawer on the bottom slides down, which pushes the phone up out of the top (see right). I’m clearly very easily wooed by nice touches, but it was a good start to my S400i experience.

OK, on to the actual review:

The Samsung S400i is a really nice little phone. Let’s be clear right from the start that the S400i is an entry level phone. It’s not a high end handset, it’s not supposed to better the S500i which is a far superior phone technically (though I think the S400i is nicer).

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Samsung S400i 6 March 2006

The Samsung S400i is an extremely nice entry level handset; small, light and good looking, it’s a great alternative to the entry level NEC handsets.


Samsung Z320i 23 January 2006

The Samsung Z320i is both a joy and a slight disappointment. Better designed and more user friendly than it’s predecessor the Samsung S500i, but with a smaller screen resolution and lacking both a memory card and Flash Lite capability. But what’s the denoument?


NEC 411i 12 January 2006

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Review of the NEC411i: a great phone if you want to get into browsing the i-mode® web, it’s functional looking but is a joy to use.


Samsung S500i 18 October 2005

Samsung S500i—I don’t like it, but don’t let that stop you, it’s not all bad. A good camera and a nice mp3 player nearly make up for the dodgy i-mode


NEC 343i 11 October 2005

Review of the NEC343i: it looks great, works OK and it’s the cheapest way to get on i-mode.