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NEC 411i

Now with FREE Bush DVD Recorder

The NEC 411i now comes with a FREE, yes, FREE, Bush DVD recorder worth £149.99. The phone is still free, and it’s still available on the great value £35 per month tariff (with 1000/750 free cross network minutes per month, and 150/750 free texts). All in all it’s a great value package, and if you need a DVD recorder, it’s a great way of getting on i-mode® too.

The NEC 411i is the mid-range launch handset for i-mode®, but in my opinion it’s the most accomplised of the three launch phones. The screen is reasonably high resolution (176 × 220), with sharp contrast, excellent colour definition, clear type-rendering, an intuitive menu structure, and while it’s quite large for a clamshell, it’s not heavy or too intrusively sized.

The page rendering of the Access web-browser included with the 411 is vastly superior to all the other launch handsets, it handles everything thrown at it in a predictable way—which is good news for developers indeed.

It’s not all rosy

The phone’s 1.3 Mega Pixel camera isn’t the greatest I’ve seen, and it’s certainly inferior to the Samsung S500i, the the flat ‘joypad’ can be a little fiddly to use—when pressing the pad ‘down’, it’s close proximity to the ‘clear’ button can be a problem, but one that with regular use will solve itself I think.

The small inbox and outbox sizes (1.3MB and 670KB) may prove a problem if sending lots of large i-mail messages (though that would be a very small subset of users I’d guess), and the browser does not support Flash Lite at all.

Frankly, it’s difficult to come up with many things to dislike about this phone. It looks good (not revolutionary, not great, but good), it works almost perfectly, it’s one of the best NEC handsets I’ve seen. If you’re interested in seeing the best that i-mode® has to offer, then I’d recommend this phone very highly—it does a better job of browsing the i-mode® network than any other phone. It’s not a phone that, technically, pushes the limits of modern phones, but non of the i-mode® handsets do really.

Key specifications

NEC 411i
Size 93 × 46 × 24 mm
Weight 95g
Java DoJa 1.5
Connectivity IRDA, USB, Bluetooth
Camera CMOS 1.3M pixels
Screen size 176 × 220 pixels
Wallpaper screen size 176 × 220 pixels
Browsing/DoJa screen size 176 × 176 pixels
Colours 64k
Second screen 128 × 128 pixels, 4k colours
Browser Access Inc. Netfront +
Languages supported iHTML, iXHTML
Max page size 20kB
Size limit 300KB
Capacity inbox: 1.3MB, outbox: 670KB

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information on the technical aspects of the handset, and remember the NEC 411i is available exclusively on O2 .

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Update Now with FREE DVD Recorder!
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