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news | Sony Ericsson IS coming

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of Sony Ericsson’s first i-mode handset, the K610m (as revealed by imodephones way back in June!), I can bring you another snipped of information; namely that Sony Ericsson have put up a preview page for the phone, which you can see here

I can’t wait!

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news | Samsung sings like a bird

Samsung had gone a little quiet over the last few i-mode® months, but like buses, we’ve waited for one (the Samsung S401i), and they’ve given us two great new phones:

Samsung S401i

I mentioned this phone a while ago—if only on the sly—but now it’s arrival is imminent. As you can see from the image to the right, it’s a clamshell handset that looks very much like the S400i (as it’s name should probably hint towards), though it’s smaller, lighter, and less well specified; it’s a new, nicer entry level Samsung:

news | LG L343i coming very soon

The LG L343i, available soon from O2 In a flurry of activity, two new i-mode® handsets are soon to be released by O2, one of which I have considerably more information about that the other.

The LG L343i is a clamshell, entry level i-mode handset with a 300K pixel camera. There’s no video and no mp3 support (MFI, SMAF, MIDI and AMR only), but it will have bluetooth and the latest version of the Access CNF+ browser for advanced i-mode® browsing.

One more snippet of news for you: the Motorola L6i is currently available from the O2 Shop and the L7i will be coming very, very soon. There’s also some movement on a new Samsung handset (the S401i) that I’ll say a little more about (hopefully with pictures) in a couple of days.

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news | Sony Ericsson K610i revealed

Sony Ericsson K610i 3G i-mode phone Always first with the exclusives, imodephones can exclusively reveal that it won’t be long before the gorgeous Sony Ericsson K610i 3G phone will be coming to i-mode® in the UK.

A few facts to catch your eye:

news | 02 and eBay i-mode® promotion

In a moment of madness, O2 have decided to give away eBay vouchers to promote their Samsung i-mode® phones. The vouchers given away are as follows:

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The Samsung Z320i is both a joy and a slight disappointment. Better designed and more user friendly than it’s predecessor the Samsung S500i, but with a smaller screen resolution and lacking both a memory card and Flash Lite capability. But what’s the denoument?


NEC 411i 12 January 2006

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Review of the NEC411i: a great phone if you want to get into browsing the i-mode® web, it’s functional looking but is a joy to use.


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Samsung S500i—I don’t like it, but don’t let that stop you, it’s not all bad. A good camera and a nice mp3 player nearly make up for the dodgy i-mode


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Review of the NEC343i: it looks great, works OK and it’s the cheapest way to get on i-mode.